We not only base in Chongqing for pursuing development but also attend to expand overseas market. The Purun Holdings launched the overseas business development strategy whilst the domestic market is growing steadily.
In March 2014, Purun Holdings invested 50 million yuan to establish Chongqing Purun International Industrial Co., Ltd. (Purun International), which launched our overall international business. Purun International possesses a vast international platform, abundant capital and substantial human capital. 
Purun International has maintained good cooperative relationship with a number of large central enterprises and state-owned enterprises such as the HydroChina Huadong Engineering Corporation, HydroChina Kunming Engineering Corporation, China Construction First Building (Group) Co., Ltd. and Chongqing International Construction Corporation. We will jointly build municipal projects including water conservancy, hydropower, roads and bridges by cooperating with the local governments or enterprises in Africa, Southeast Asia and other areas. We will also cooperate in real estate development, foreign trade, mineral exploitation and so forth.
Purun International, the key implementer of its strategy, is supported by ample human resources, capital and material recourses. At the beginning of carrying out the international strategy, the company has fed a large number top talented management personnel (who have worked for well-known enterprises in China’s hydropower system and CNPC) for its overseas projects. The management team is organized, which has laid solid foundation for the company’s sound and rapid development. In the meantime, the credit financing provided by the Export-Import Bank of China furnished financial security for the overseas expansion.
The business of Purun International has been expanding rapidly. It has repeatedly organized teams to go to other countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Mozambique for business studies and project discussions. A partnership has been built with Australia’s Gold Coast. The company is now striving for a greater development in the international market.
Purun International is ready to set sail. In future development, it will mainly focus on construction projects based on the Group’s strategic deployment. It also wishes to set foot in forestry, animal husbandry and tourism. It aims to build an international compound industrial structure and the Purun Holdings international industrial chain.
Attachment: Purun International business scope
Utilizing the self-owned capital for foreign investment, investing and financing consultation, loan consultation services, real estate loan consultation services, engineering consultation services, mechanical equipment leasing, management consulting, corporate image planning, corporate marketing planning, market survey, providing labor dispatching services for domestic enterprises, building materials selling (excluding dangerous chemicals), import and export of goods and technologies, designing, making, deputizing and releasing domestic and foreign advertisements, culture and arts exchange, market promotion, food processing technology consultation and transfer, marketing planning, technical services and selling for environmental protection equipment, designing, developing, exploiting, producing, selling and technology transfer for environmental protection equipment and materials, business information consultation services, electromechanical device selling and installation, property management and tourism culture communication services.

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