Lindsay Australia visited our group
  时间:2017-09-18 17:42

On September 11, General Manager Exports Wolf Lorenz and Business Marketing Manager Russell Hess from Lindsay Australia visited our group. Huanqi Yuan, General Manager’s Assistant & Investment Department Manager, Culture & Tourism Department Manager Jia Ni and other relevant members in Chongqing Purun International Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Purun International), joined the meeting.


The meeting came first with the introduction of all participants and then the watch of the English-version propaganda video on Purun profile and Purun MV. Later, the Australian guests visited the office under Huanqi Yuan’s guidance. At last, both sides showed their expectation for cooperation on fruit trade.


It is learned that Lindsay Australia is listed on the ASX and is an integrated transport, logistics and rural supply company. It has rich resources and solid wide custom base. Their visit to our group further broadened Purun International’s goods supply channels in Australia.


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